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Michael Twemlow

About the Owner

Michael Frederick Twemlow

Michael was admitted to practice as a solicitor, attorney and barrister in NSW, Australia, in 1965 and is a senior Notary Public with extensive experience.

He was appointed a District Public Notary by the Supreme Court of Western Australia for the Magisterial Districts of Gascoyne, Ashburton, Roebourne,
Pilbara, Port Hedland, Murchison, Broome, West Kimberley, East Kimberley, in the State of Western Australia on 3rd March, 1982 and although his name is still entered on the Roll of Public Notaries in Western Australia, he no long practises as a Public Notary in that State.

He was appointed Public Notary by the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, for the Municipality of Waverley, NSW, Australia, on the 17th January, 1985.

He is semi-retired from general legal work allowing him to provide apostille/ legalisation/notary services worldwide on a full time basis without distractions.

His clients include many large Australian and multi-national companies. He also acts for various Australian and international commercial enterprises.

Michael is a member of the International Union of Notaries, The Law Society of NSW, The Society of Notaries of NSW, and Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

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