Red Seal Notary



Notary fees charged by Red Seal Notary are set in accordance with the NSW Public Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees published in the NSW Government Gazette on 29th March, 2019 and located at this link…

You will note that our fees are much less than those published on official Scale of Fees published in the NSW Government Gazette and found on the above link.




Witnessing signatures to documents:

$100.00 inclusive GST per document; $50.00 inclusive GST for second party signatory to same document

Certifying copies of original documents as true and correct copies:

$100.00 inclusive GST per document

Colour photocopying:


Notarial Certificates:

$250.00 plus GST per Certificate (up to three (3) only documents attached)

Certificates of Good Standing:

$500.00 per Certificate for drawing and engrossing Certificate and notarisation (exclusive of Apostille services if required), including ASIC data base seach of Company and printing of relevant documents to attach to Certificate



Legal services, including legal advice, preparation of legal documents such as Powers of Attorney, Statutory Declarations, Affidavits etc:

$100.00 per hour or part thereof, plus notary’s fees

Apostille Certificate & Authentication Certificate Services:

$250.00 per document (inclusive of GST 10%, & government filing fees {Apostille Certificate:$80.00:: Authentication Certificate: $80})

Consulate or Embassy Legalisation Services:

$350.00 per document inclusive GST, exclusive of Embassy/Consulate fees which vary with each Embassy/Consulate

In most cases, we offer a discount in respect of multiple non commercial documents to assist pensioners, students, families and other worthy applicants.

* We photocopy all original documents requiring notary’s certification.

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