Red Seal Notary



It is the requirement of most overseas countries, their governments, businesses, tertiary institutions, and especially their Courts in an age of increasingly occurring international identity fraud, that a notary's signature and seal on a notarised document be authenticated (i.e. officially certified genuine) by the issue of an Apostille Certificate or Consulate | Embassy legalisation.

The same is true of any other Australian public document signed and sealed by an Australian public official e.g. a Registrar’s signature (and the Department’s official Seal) on a Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate, or an authorised official’s signature on a Police Certificate or ASIC document.

Red Seal Notary is a wholly owned division of Apostille Australia Certificate Service which provides fast, friendly and efficient Apostille, Authentication  and Embassy | Consulate legalisation services.

We invite you to instruct Apostille Australia to authenticate your Australian public document on your behalf and in doing so, you will avoid the worry and frustration of having to stand in long queues, make return visits to collect processed documents, and lose valuable time away from office, work or home.

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